Wemos D1 Mini Pro Wifi Development Board with SMA Antenna and IPEX Cable

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The ESP8266 Wemos family with the Wemos D1 Mini Pro is a true professional among the ESP8266 modules. Building upon the foundation of the ESP8266EX, this iteration boasts an impressive 16MB of memory, a fourfold increase from its predecessor, the Wemos D1 Mini. Crafted for compactness, this new generation incorporates a ceramic antenna, providing an extended line-of-sight range of 90 meters. Noteworthy is the strategic placement of components on the top side of the module, eliminating the conventional heat sink found around the ESP8266 module. This alteration allows for a thicker board, enhancing durability and versatility. For those seeking even greater range, the board seamlessly integrates with the 2.4G Wireless SMA External Antenna included in the kit, amplifying the line-of-sight range to an impressive 150 meters—a 60-meter extension.



  • Utilizes ESP8266EX with 16MB of memory.
  • Compact design with a ceramic antenna for a 90m line-of-sight range.
  • Top-side component soldering for a robust and versatile board.
  • Compatibility with 2.4G Wireless SMA External Antenna for an extended range of 150m.



  • CP2104 as a Serial converter.
  • Consistent input/output configuration with 11 pins (including one analog input).
  • Flash memory of 16MB (128 Mbit).
  • IPEX connector for external WiFi antenna.
  • Integrated ceramic antenna for enhanced performance.
  • New CP2104 serial/USB converter.
  • CPU frequency: 80 MHz / 160 MHz.
  • Dimensions: 34.2 mm x 25.6 mm (thinner than the previous version).
  • Weight: 2.5 g.
  • External Antenna equipped with an SMA Connector.


Pin Configuration:

The world of Wemos D1 Mini Boards | Markus Haack // Software Engineer


Connectivity and Driver:

The board incorporates a CP2104 Serial converter, ensuring seamless driver compatibility Download Driver. Its versatile input/output options include Interruption, PWM, I2C, and one-wire on all pins except D0. With a dedicated analog input, a flash memory of 16MB, and a ceramic antenna, the Wemos D1 Mini Pro offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly development experience.



The inclusion of an External Antenna with an SMA Connector expands the board's capabilities. Experience the difference in range through this informative video.