WIFI D1 mini - Shield Contact Relay RobotDYN

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A very common Contact Relay to control the AC (light, home equipment, etc.) or DC load using WeMos / WiFi D1 mini PRO board. Control pin of Relay is connected to the D1 I/O port on the D1 mini. If you wish to use another I/O port, just cut off of the connection to D1 and solder it to another pad, as needed.

Technical details:

The set includes:

  1. Relay Module Shield - 1pc
  2. Male Pin Header 1x8pins - 2pcs
  3. Female Pin Header - BLACK 1x8pins - 2pcs
  4. Stackable Header - BLACK 1x8pins - 2pcs

  • Control circuit voltage: 5V DC
  • Load circuit maximum voltage: 110/220V AC or 30V DC
  • Load circuit maximum current: 10A