WiDo IoT Board (Arduino Compatible)

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Wido is an Arduino-compatible WIFI IoT Node development board, which integrates with the WG1300 WIFI solution. The microcontroller of Wido is ATMEL ATmega32U4. Wido is compatible with Arduino. You can implement it on M2M Sensor Node development, Toys, Gaming, Smart Home devices, and many other projects.



  • Power Supply range: 5v or 7-12v
  • Arduino Leonardo Compatible
  • Integrate with WG1300 WIFI chip and support 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g network
  • WIFi and MicroSD driven by SPI port
  • On board 2.4G PCB Antenna
  • Driver pins
  • WIFI Module-D7(IRQ),D5(VBAT),D10(CS),D14(MISO),D15(SCK),D16(MOSI)
  • MicroSD-D4(CS),D14(MISO),D15(SCK),D16(MOSI)
  • User-friendly Reset button
  • Dimension: 72 mm x 55 mm(2.83" x 2.17")


With this simple tutorial, you Will be able to POST data to Ubidots with the ease of the Arduino IDE and a DFRobot Wido board. 

1. Setting up Arduino IDE

1. Download the Forked library of CC3000 library and install it. For a detailed explanation of how to install libraries using the Arduino IDE,

ISSUES NOTE: If you get a message saying you already have a library called “Adafruit_CC3000_Library-master” this is because you already have an installation for the CC3000 Adafruit module. To solve this, open the. ZIP file from WiDo, and change the name of the folder to something like “Adafruit_CC3000_Library-Wido”, then try installing the library again.

2. Select the "Arduino Leonardo" as the board you're working within the Arduino IDE. To select it, press Tools –> Boards > Arduino Leonardo.