Keypad 4x4 Matrix Black For Arduino

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The 4x4 Matrix 16 Keyboard Keypad Telephone Style is a versatile input device designed for code or data entry in electronics projects. Featuring 12 tactile buttons arranged in a telephone-style matrix, this keypad switch is an ideal solution for applications requiring numeric or alphanumeric input. The keypad provides a reliable and durable interface with a long operational life, making it suitable for a variety of electronic projects.



  1. Easy Communication with Microcontrollers: The keypad is designed for seamless integration with microcontrollers, providing an easy interface for programming and data input.
  2. Standard Header Pin Connector: Equipped with a standard header pin connector, the keypad can be easily connected to various microcontroller boards, facilitating quick and hassle-free integration.
  3. Tactile Type Switches: The keypad features tactile switches, providing users with a satisfying and responsive feel during key presses. This tactile feedback enhances the overall user experience.
  4. Over 1,000,000 Operations Per Key: Each key is rated for up to 1,000,000 life-strokes, ensuring a long operational life and reliable performance over extended periods of use.
  5. Durable High-Quality Material: The contact surface of each key is made from a durable and high-quality material, enhancing environmental resistance and ensuring longevity.



Pinout Section:

The 4x4 keypad matrix includes the following buttons:

  • Numeric keys: 0-9
  • Alphabetic keys: A-D
  • Special characters: * (star), # (hash)

The keypad features a standard header pin connector, making it compatible with various microcontrollers. The pinout section is as follows:

  1. Row Pins (R1-R4): Connect these pins to the microcontroller's input pins for the rows of the keypad matrix.
  2. Column Pins (C1-C4): Connect these pins to the microcontroller's input pins for the columns of the keypad matrix.
  3. Common Ground (GND): Connect this pin to the microcontroller's ground (GND) pin.


Package includes:

  • 1 x 4x4 Matrix 16 Keyboard Keypad Telephone Style