Keyestudio Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Starter Kit (Raspberry Pi 4GB included) KS3009

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Keyestudio Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Starter Kit (Raspberry Pi 4GB included) KS3009: GREAT Kit make your RPi ready to work with no need for an HDMI monitor, with the HDMI to VGA adapter included you can connect your raspberry to any Old VGA PC Monitor, and don't forget your Pi will never get hot because of the Heatsink and the fan and all the screws and even the screwdriver is included.


The Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Starter Kit includes everything a novice needs to get started with the Raspberry Pi 4. An RPI 4 power adapter, a micro SD card, a lovely plastic casing, an HDMI cable, heat sinks, and a very professionally designed instruction booklet on how to assemble the kit are all included. This kit includes a tiny cooling fan and three quality copper heat sinks that dissipate heat better than aluminum, lowering chip temperature and preventing system failure. These cooling systems will assist in pushing the limits of your CPU, increasing its flexibility and long-term usage. Class 10: It includes a very excellent 32GB Micro SD card, as well as a USB-C Raspberry Pi 4 power supply 5V 3A with an inbuilt on/off switch to manage the power supply for a Pi 4. Superior ABS plastic casing protects the Pi nicely and offers air holes for heat reduction, which works in tandem with the integrated heat sinks. Power, audio/video, USB, GPIO, microSD, display, and camera connectors are all easily accessible. It also includes a tiny HDMI adaptor. A genuine Raspberry Pi 4 Model B starter package.A fantastic present for a Pi enthusiast: It might be a terrific present for a birthday, Christmas, or kids day/summer camp activities, or it can be a great pick for someone who enjoys DIY. It can assist a youngster who is interested in studying electronics, wiring, programming, and troubleshooting to gain valuable and employable real-world skills.

to Start with RPi4 you can follow this Tutorial: Click Here

Kit includes:

1 * Raspberry pi 4 Model B /4GB )
1 * Case Cover
1 * Cooling Fan
1 * 5V 3A UK Power supply 
3 * Heat-sinks
1 * 1M Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable
1* 32GB SD Card
8* screw
1* Micro card reader
1* HDMI to VGA adapter
1* Micro HDMI to HDMI adapter
1* 3MM screwdriver