Raspberry Pi Component Breadboard Jumper GPIO T Type Resistors Starter Kit With Box

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Raspberry Pi Component  Starter Kit very good to start connecting your sensors and modules to the raspberry pi consist of
830 Tie-points breadboard + 65pcs Jumper Wire+ GPIO T Type Expansion Board + 40pin Rainbow Cable+100 pcs Resistance for PI3 

Package Contents:
1pcs Rainbow Ribbon Cable
1X GPIO T Type Expansion Board
1pcs 830 MB-102 Tie Points Solderless Breadboard
65X Jumper Cable Wires
10 X 100 ohm Resistors
10 X 220 ohm Resistors
10 X 330 ohm Resistors
10 X 1K ohm Resistors
10 X 2.2K ohm Resistors
10 X 4.7K ohm Resistors
10 X 47K ohm Resistors
10X 10K ohm Resistors
10X 100K ohm Resistors
10X 1M ohm Resistors