MOSFET Relay Power Controller Module (DFRobot Gravity)

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  • A switch that allows you to control a device requiring a large current by using a microcontroller. It works as a relay based on transistor MOSFET. It works with voltage from 5 V to 36 V with current consumption of up to 20 A (at a current higher than 10 A, it is recommended to use an additional radiator). The digital signal of the control system in the range from 3.3 V to 10 V changes the status of the switch. It can be controlled by any microcontroller, e.g. Arduino or Raspberry. The kit includes a cable adapted to Gravity DFRobot IO Expansion Shield.


    • Supply voltage: 5 V to 36 V
    • Working current: 0 A to 20 A (above 10 A, we recommend using an additional radiator)
    • Operating voltage of the logic of the system: from 3.3 V to 10 V
    • Switching signal: 3.3 V to 10 V
    • Switching frequency: 0 kHz to 1 kHz
    • Characteristic of switching:
      • The switch-on time: 20 µs
      • The switch-off time: 50 µs
    • Operating temperature: -55 °C to 155 °C
    • Board sizes: 44 x 32 mm

    Set includes:

    • Gravity digital sensor cable

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