Resistor DIP 4.3K Ohm Tolerance 1/4W (Per Piece)

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The 4.3K Ohm resistor is a passive electronic component that is commonly used in a variety of electrical and electronic circuits. This resistor has a tolerance of 1/4W and is available in a DIP (dual inline package) format, which makes it easy to install on a printed circuit board (PCB).

The 4.3K Ohm value indicates the resistance of the resistor, which is the amount of opposition it offers to the flow of electrical current. This value is important because it helps to determine the overall behavior of the circuit, including the voltage, current, and power levels. The 1/4W tolerance indicates the maximum power that the resistor can handle without getting damaged. This means that the resistor can safely dissipate up to 1/4 watts of power without overheating or burning out. This resistor is commonly used in a wide range of applications, including audio circuits, power supplies, and digital circuits. Its high precision and reliability make it a popular choice among engineers and hobbyists who require accurate and consistent performance from their circuits.


Package includes:
1 x 4.3K Ohm resistor 1/4W