Robot - 4-DOF Metal Arm Kit with EU PSU for micro:bit

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Equip your micro with this 4-DOF metal robot arm and start exploring the world of artificial intelligence and robotics. This starter robotic arm kit includes a servo driver board, a metal mechanical arm structure, and 4 metal gear servos. When used with the micro , it is easy to control the arm using a smartphone through a Bluetooth connection.




  • Servo Driver for micro

    • Edge Connector: Directly pluggable for easy setup.
    • I2C Controlled: Uses only 2 pins for communication.
    • 16-Channel Outputs: Supports up to 16 servo/PWM outputs with 12-bit resolution (4096 scales).
    • 5V Regulator: Integrated regulator with up to 3A output current, powered through the VIN terminal.
    • Standard Servo Interface: Compatible with commonly used servos.
    • Reserved I2C Pins: Allows integration with other control boards.
    • Development Resources: Includes manual and examples for micro
      (e.g., Bluetooth/2.4G wireless remote control).
  • Robot Arm Structure:

    • 4-DOF Design: Features a large solid base and metal mechanical grasper.
    • Aluminum Alloy Body: Durable construction with sandblasting oxidation surface.
    • Clever Mechanical Design: Agile control and easy to build.
    • Metal Gear Servos: Includes 4 servos with large torque force and smooth movement.



  • Servo Driver:

    • Connector: micro edge connector, directly pluggable
    • Control: I2C controlled, using only 2 pins
    • Outputs: Up to 16-Channel servo/PWM outputs, 12-bit resolution
    • Regulator: 5V regulator, up to 3A output current
    • Interface: Standard servo interface, supports common used servos
    • Pins: Reserved I2C control pins
    • Resources: Comes with development resources and manual (micro graphical examples)
  • Robot Arm:

    • DOF: 4-DOF
    • Material: Full aluminum alloy body
    • Servos: Fitted with 4x metal gear servos
    • Structure: Clever mechanical structure and mounting design



  • Ideal for educational purposes, allowing students and hobbyists to learn about robotics and AI.
  • Suitable for small-scale robotics projects and experiments with micro.
  • Can be controlled via smartphone through Bluetooth, making it interactive and easy to use.



Robot Arm Dimensions



Wiki : www.waveshare.com/wiki/Robot_Arm_for_micro_bit


Package Includes

  • 1 x Metal arm parts
  • 1 x MG996R Servo
  • 3 x MG90S Servos
  • 1 x MG996R servo wheel
  • 1 x Servo Driver for micro
  • 1 x Power adapter EU standard USB output
  • 1 x Servo extension wire 150mm
  • 1 x Screws pack
  • 1 x Screwdrivers 2PCS

Note: micro is NOT included.

Robot Arm for micro:bit package