Motor DC Geared L-Shaped 12V 240RPM With Magnetic Hall Encoder

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The L-shaped permanent Magnet DC Gear Motor with a magnetic hall encoder is designed for short wheelbase robots and L-shaped applications. It features all-metal gears and a magnetic hall encoder, providing reliable performance without a self-locking function, allowing the output shaft to be manually rotated.

L-Shaped Permanent Magnet DC Gear Motor



  • L-Shaped Design: Ideal for compact and L-shaped applications, offering flexible installation options.
  • Permanent Magnet Motor: Ensures consistent and reliable performance.
  • Magnetic Hall Encoder: Provides accurate feedback for precise control, featuring AB dual-phase incremental encoding with square wave output.
  • All-Metal Gears: Durable and robust construction, suitable for demanding applications.
  • Manual Rotation: Output shaft can be rotated by hand due to the non-self-locking reducer.



  • Working Voltage: DC 12V
  • Rated Power: 5.2W
  • No-Load Speed: 240 rpm
  • Locked-Rotor Torque: ≥8.5 kg.cm
  • No-Load Current: 0.15A MAX
  • Locked-Rotor Current: ≤3.5A
  • Rated Load: 4.0 kg.cm
  • Hall Resolution: Basic 13 PPR × 42 = 546 PPR
  • Rated Speed: 125 rpm
  • Gear Reduction Ratio: 1:42
  • Rated Current: 1.0A MAX


Encoder Specifications:

  • Type: AB Dual-Phase Incremental Magnetic Hall Encoder
  • Line Rate: Basic pulse 13 PPR x Gear reduction ratio
  • Power Supply: DC 3.3V / DC 5.0V
  • Basic Function: Equipped with pull-up resistor, directly connect to MCU
  • Interface Type: XH2.54-6PIN
  • Output Signal Type: Square wave AB phase
  • Response Frequency: 100 KHz
  • Basic Pulses: 13 PPR
  • Magnetic Ring Trigger Poles Number: 26 poles (13 pairs of poles)





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WIKI: www.waveshare.com/wiki/DCGM-3865-12V-EN-240RPM


Package Includes:

  • 1 x L-Shaped Permanent Magnet DC Gear Motor with Magnetic Hall Encoder included