ESP32-S3 4.3inch 800x480 5-point Capacitive Touch Display Development Board

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ESP32-S3 4.3inch Capacitive Touch Display Development Board, 800×480, 5-Point Touch, 32-Bit LX7 Dual-Core Processor, Up To 240MHz Frequency, Supports WiFi & Bluetooth, With Onboard Antenna
Application Example

Integrates RGB Interface LCD With 5-Point Capacitive Touch, Multiple Peripheral Interfaces


ESP32-S3-Touch-LCD-4.3 is a microcontroller development board with 2.4GHz WiFi and BLE 5 support, integrates high-capacity Flash and PSRAM. Onboard 4.3inch capacitive touch screen can smoothly run GUI programs such as LVGL. Combined with various peripheral interfaces, suitable for the quick development of the HMI and other ESP32-S3 applications

  • Equipped with Xtensa 32-bit LX7 dual-core processor, up to 240MHz main frequency
  • Supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth 5 (LE), with onboard antenna
  • Built in 512KB of SRAM and 384KB ROM, with onboard 8MB PSRAM and 8MB Flash
  • Onboard 4.3inch capacitive touch display, 800×480 resolution, 65K color
  • Supports capacitive touch control via I2C interface, 5-point touch with interrupt support
  • Onboard CAN, RS485, I2C interface and TF card slot, integrates full-speed USB port
  • Supports flexible clock, module power supply independent setting, and other controls to realize low power consumption in different scenarios


Application Scenarios


Supports Multiple Peripherals

Supports The Expansion Of Multiple Peripherals Via Sensor, CAN, RS485, And I2C Interfaces

What's On Board
  1. ESP32-S3N8R8
    The SoC with WiFi and Bluetooth, up to 240MHz operating frequency, integrated 8MB PSRAM and Flash
  2. SGM2212-3.3
    800mA low-noise LDO
    for USB pins multiplexing
  4. Touch panel connector
  5. USB TO UART Type-C port
  6. USB Type-C port
  7. TJA1051T/3/1J
    CAN interface chip
  8. CH422G
    IO expansion chip
  9. BOOT button
    Press and hold while powering on for program burning
  10. RESET button
  11. MP3302DJ-LF-Z
    Screen backlight boost chip
  1. 4.3inch display panel connector
  2. TF card slot
  3. Sensor header
  4. CAN header
  5. I2C header
  6. RS485 header
  7. 3.7V single lithium battery PH2.0 header
  8. CAN terminal resistor selection
  9. RS485 terminal resistor selection
  10. CH343P
    USB to UART chip
  11. SP3485
    RS485 transceiver chip
  12. CS8501
    Lithium battery recharge manager
  13. Status Indicators
    PWR: Power supply indicator
    CHG: Lithium battery charging indicator
    DONE: Lithium battery charging completed indicator

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