LCD 320x240 2.8 Inch Touch 262K Colors SPI Display Module For Raspberry Pi Pico

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The 2.8-inch Touch Display Module for Raspberry Pi Pico is an advanced display solution featuring a 320×240 resolution IPS screen capable of displaying 262K colors. It integrates a resistive touch controller (XPT2046) and an ST7789 display driver, utilizing an SPI interface for efficient communication. The module supports C/C++ and MicroPython, offering development resources to facilitate easy integration with Raspberry Pi Pico.



  • Display:
    • 320×240 resolution, IPS screen, 262K colors
    • Clear and colorful display effect
    • Dedicated touch controller for a smoother touch experience
    • MicroSD card slot for storing and displaying images
    • Programmable backlight control for power saving
  • Compatibility:
    • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico
    • Comes with development resources and manuals for C/C++ and MicroPython



  • Operating Voltage: 5V
  • Resolution: 320×240 pixels
  • Communication Interface: SPI
  • Display Size: 57.60 × 43.20 mm
  • Display Panel: IPS
  • Pixel Size: 0.18 × 0.18 mm
  • Driver: ST7789
  • Dimensions: 70.20 × 50.20 mm
  • Touch Controller: XPT2046

Touch Display Module


Raspberry Pi Pico Header Compatibility

Header Compatibility

Onboard Components

Onboard Components



The built-in controller for this LCD is the ST7789VW, supporting 240 x RGB x 320 pixels. The display uses a 4-wire SPI communication interface, which conserves GPIO ports and allows for faster communication. The maximum SPI write speed tested is 60MHz.

Pinout Definition

LCD Pin Pico Pin Description
VCC VSYS Power input
GND GND Ground
SDIO_CLK GP5 SCK pin of SDIO interface, clock input for slave device
LCD_DC GP8 Data/Command control pin (High: data; Low: command)
LCD_CS GP9 Chip select pin of LCD (Low active)
LCD_CLK GP10 SPI CLK pin, clock input for slave device
MOSI GP11 SPI MOSI pin, data input for slave device
MISO GP12 SPI MISO pin, data output for slave device
LCD_BL GP13 LCD backlight control
LCD_RST GP15 LCD reset pin (Low active)
TP_CS GP16 Touch controller chip select (Low active)
TP_IRQ GP17 Touch controller interrupt pin (Low active)
D0 GP19 SDIO D0 pin
D1 GP20 SDIO D1 pin
D2 GP21 SDIO D2 pin
SD_CS/D3 GP22 SDIO CS/D3 pin



Outline Dimensions