Raspberry Pi 5 Display Flexible Cable - 200mm

AED 12.00



The DSI FPC Flexible Cable for Raspberry Pi 5 is designed to facilitate the connection of DSI display screens to the Raspberry Pi 5. It features a 22-pin to 15-pin configuration, with a 200mm length option, and is equipped with black EMI shielding film to ensure stable and interference-free signal transmission. This cable is ideal for projects that require displaying graphics and visual information using a DSI display connected to a Raspberry Pi 5.



  • Bi-Directional MIPI Interfaces: Compatible with the latest Raspberry Pi 5, allowing connection to both CSI-2 cameras and DSI displays.
  • High-Density Pinout: Utilizes the same pinout found on various Compute Module I/O boards.
  • Enhanced Signal Stability: Black EMI shielding film on both sides enhances anti-interference performance.
  • Flexible and Thin Design: High flexibility and ultra-thin (~0.15mm) construction for easy routing and reliable connections.
  • Length: 200mm (20cm)
  • Pin Configuration: 22-way (0.5mm pitch) to 15-way (1mm pitch)
  • EMI Shielding Film: Black EMI shielding film on both sides
  • Compatibility: Compatible with DSI displays
  • High Flexibility and Ultra-Thin: Approximately 0.15mm thickness
  • Connecting DSI Display to Raspberry Pi 5: Enables users to connect DSI displays to their Raspberry Pi 5, which is ideal for displaying graphics and visual information in various projects.


Package Includes:

  •  1x 200mm flexible cable FPC 22-Way to 15-Way for Display