Aluminium Heatsink Active Cooler for Raspberry Pi 5 Fan With Thermal Pads

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The Active Cooler for Raspberry Pi 5 is a dedicated cooling solution designed to enhance the performance and longevity of the Raspberry Pi 5 by effectively managing its thermal output. It includes an active cooling fan and an aluminum heatsink, both of which work together to dissipate heat efficiently.


  • Active Cooling: Combines an anodized aluminum heatsink with an active cooling fan to accelerate heat dissipation.
  • Fan Speed Control: Equipped with pulse width modulation (PWM) control and a tachometer for precise fan speed regulation.
  • Easy Installation: Simple connection to the Raspberry Pi 5 using a 4-pin cable and M2.5 nylon screws.
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed to match the size and mounting holes of the Raspberry Pi 5.


  • Input Voltage: 5V DC (supplied via four-pin fan header on Raspberry Pi 5)
  • Fan Speed Control: Pulse width modulation control with tachometer
  • Maximum Airflow: 2.35 CFM
  • Fan Speed: 8000±10% RPM
  • Material: Anodized aluminum
  • Weight: 0.029 kg


  • Temperature Management: Ideal for maintaining optimal operating temperatures of the Raspberry Pi 5 during intensive tasks such as gaming, streaming, or running server applications.
  • Performance Enhancement: Helps in maintaining the performance and stability of the Raspberry Pi 5 by preventing thermal throttling.




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Package Includes:

  • Active Cooler for Raspberry Pi 5: 1x Pi5-Active-Cooler-A
  • Thermal Pads: 3 pieces
  • Nylon Screws: 2 pieces

Note: The Raspberry Pi 5 and TF card are not included in the package.