Aluminum Heatsink For Raspberry Pi 5 With Thermal Pads And Spring Loaded Push Pins

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The Aluminum Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 5 is a dedicated cooling solution designed to resist corrosion and oxidation while providing superior heat dissipation. This heatsink matches the size and mounting holes of the Raspberry Pi 5 and includes thermal pads for efficient heat transfer.



  • Material: High-quality aluminum for better heat dissipation.
  • Resistance: Corrosion and oxidation-resistant, ensuring durability.
  • Compatibility: Precisely matches the size and mounting holes of the Raspberry Pi 5.
  • Installation: Easy installation with thermal pads and spring-loaded push pins.
  • Additional Info: Raspberry Pi 5 and TF card are not included.


Installation Instructions:

  1. Attach the thermal pads to the Raspberry Pi 5.
  2. Fix the aluminum heatsink using the spring-loaded push pins.



Dedicated Aluminum Heatsink:

Aluminum Heatsink

Based on Raspberry Pi 5:

Compatibility with Raspberry Pi 5

How to Install:

Installation Instructions

* for reference only, the Raspberry Pi 5 and TF card are NOT included.

Product Show:

Product Show

Outline Dimensions:

Outline Dimensions


Package Include:

  1. Pi5-Active-Cooler-C x1
  2. Thermal pad (3PCS) x1