Real Time Clock RTC for Raspberry Pi 5, Supports Recharging, Options For 25mAh / 64mAh Battery Capacity, 2PIN JST Connector

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The RTC Battery for Raspberry Pi 5 supports recharging and comes with a 2PIN JST connector. It is available in two capacities: 25mAh and 64mAh. This battery is designed to provide reliable power for real-time clock (RTC) applications on the Raspberry Pi 5.


  • Rechargeable: Supports recharging, ensuring long-term use.
  • 2PIN JST Connector: For easy and secure connection.
  • Capacity Options: Available in 25mAh and 64mAh capacities to suit different needs.



Version RTC-Battery-A RTC-Battery-B
Battery Model LIR2025 ML2032
Battery Capacity 25mAh 64mAh
Battery Dimensions 20.2mm diameter, 2.6mm thickness 20.2mm diameter, 3.3mm thickness
Rated Voltage 3.6V 3V
Max Voltage 4.2V 3.3V
Battery Lifespan After 300 recharge and discharge cycles, capacity remains above 80% of the initial level  
Connector 2PIN JST connector  
Cable Length 50mm  
Others Double-sided tape on the back  



  • RTC Support: Provides backup power for the RTC on the Raspberry Pi 5, ensuring accurate timekeeping during power outages.
  • Long Battery Life: Recharging capability ensures extended usage periods.


Safety Cautions

  • Handling Lithium Batteries: Lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries are unstable and can cause fire, injury, or property damage if mishandled.
  • Polarity: Ensure correct polarity when recharging or discharging the battery.
  • Charger Quality: Use only high-quality chargers and charging panels.
  • Battery Mixing: Do not mix old and new batteries or different brands.
  • Compatibility: Verify battery specifications for compatibility with the expansion board.
  • Battery Lifespan: Replace batteries after reaching maximum cycle life or after two years.
  • Storage: Store batteries properly, away from flammable materials and children.



Package Includes

  • RTC Battery x1