Raspberry Pi 5 Aluminium Alloy Case (H) With Temperature-Controlled Blower Fan

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The Aluminum Alloy Case for Raspberry Pi 5 is designed with a temperature-controlled blower fan and aluminum heatsink to enhance heat dissipation and durability. This case is crafted using advanced metal cutting processes, ensuring precise openings for various connectors, and making it convenient for wiring.



  • Temperature-Controlled Blower Fan: Enhances heat dissipation, ensuring better durability and stable operation.
  • Aluminum Alloy Construction: Offers robust protection and efficient cooling through a combination of fins and cooling fan.
  • Advanced Metal Cutting Processing: Provides precise openings for connectors, facilitating easier wiring and installation.
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation: The fins and blower fan work together to accelerate heat dissipation, maintaining the stable operation of the Raspberry Pi 5.



  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Cooling: Temperature-controlled blower fan and aluminum heatsink
  • Processing: Advanced metal cutting with precise openings for connectors
  • Compatibility: Designed for Raspberry Pi 5 (not included)
  • Weight: 0.108 kg


  • Enhanced Cooling: Ideal for projects requiring efficient and reliable cooling for the Raspberry Pi 5.
  • Stable Operation: Suitable for applications where stable and prolonged operation of the Raspberry Pi 5 is critical.
  • Convenient Wiring: Perfect for users needing precise and convenient wiring access for various peripherals and connectors.
Additional Notes:
  • Raspberry Pi 5 Not Included: The case does not come with a Raspberry Pi 5.

  • Peripheral Installation: If peripherals such as a camera or DSI display need to be installed, connect the peripheral cables first before installing the upper plate of the case.



Package Includes:

  1. Aluminium Alloy lower plate x1
  2. Aluminium Alloy upper plate x1
  3. Cooling fan x1
  4. Screwdriver x1
  5. L-form hex socket spanner x1
  6. Thermal tape 4PCS x1
  7. Screws pack x1