Raspberry Pi 5 PCIe To M.2 Adapter Supports NVMe Protocol M.2 Solid State Drive, High-speed Reading/Writing, HAT + Standard

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The PCIe to M.2 M key adapter board for Raspberry Pi 5 is designed to be compatible with M.2 solid-state drives (SSD) in 2230 and 2242 sizes. It supports Gen2 and Gen3 modes and allows booting the Raspberry Pi 5 from an SSD.



  • Protocol Support: Supports NVMe protocol and M.2 solid-state drive protocol for high-speed read/write operations and high work efficiency.
  • PCIe Modes: Operates in PCIe×1 Gen2 or Gen3 mode.
  • Compatibility: Exclusively supports Raspberry Pi 5B.
  • Size Compatibility: Compatible with M.2 solid-state drives of 2230 and 2242 sizes.
  • Status Indicators: Includes onboard working indicator lights—PWR remains on continuously when powered, and ACT blinks during read/write operations.
  • Design: HAT+ design with an onboard EEPROM chip.
  • Power Monitoring: Features an onboard power monitoring chip for real-time monitoring of the SSD's working status.
  • Cooling: Reserved airflow vent for Raspberry Pi 5 fans to increase airflow and reduce SSD temperatures.



  • Protocol Support: NVMe and M.2.
  • PCIe Modes: Gen2 and Gen3.
  • Compatibility: Raspberry Pi 5B.
  • Size Compatibility: 2230 and 2242 M.2 SSDs.
  • Indicators: PWR and ACT .
  • Design: HAT+ design with onboard EEPROM.
  • Weight: 0.022 kg.






  • High-Speed Storage: Upgrades Raspberry Pi 5 with high-speed SSD storage.
  • Efficient Booting: Allows booting Raspberry Pi 5 from an SSD for faster boot times.
  • Monitoring: Provides real-time monitoring of SSD status and performance.
  • Cooling Enhancement: Ensures optimal airflow and temperature management for SSDs.




Package Includes:

  1. PCIe TO M.2 HAT+ x1
  2. 2*20 Pin header x1
  3. 16P-Cable-40mm x1
  4. Standoff pack x1.