GSM GPRS CAT1 A7670G Global 4G IoT Communication Module (Gravity: DFRobot)

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The A7670G is an integrated wireless communication module supporting 4G CAT1 with uplink speeds of 5Mbps and downlink speeds of 10Mbps. It is compatible with multiple bands (LTE-FDD, LTE-TDD, GSM) for global use and is designed to work with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and LattePanda single-board computers. The module supports various network protocols, controlled via AT commands, and includes UART and USB interfaces for flexible connectivity. Additionally, it has a built-in microphone and audio power amplifier for voice calls and SMS functionality.



  • AT Command Control: Simplifies usage by eliminating the need for understanding complex network protocols.
  • Multi-Band Support: Compatible with LTE-FDD, LTE-TDD, and GSM bands.
  • SMS Functionality: Supports MT, MO, CB, Text, and PDU modes.
  • Network Protocols: Supports TCP/IP, IPV4, Multi-PDP, FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, and more.
  • Comprehensive Communication Capabilities: Enables data transmission, voice calls, and SMS.
  • USB Network Card: Can function as a 4G network card for single-board computers.



  • Terminal Connector: 5-12V
  • Type-C: 5V
  • Voltage Level: 3.3V-5V
  • Physical Interface: PH2.0-4P Gravity sequence standard

Audio Output Interface:

  • Type: PH2.0-2P

Frequency Band Applicable Regions:

  • Global Support:
    • LTE-TDD: B38/B39/B40/B41
    • LTE-FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B28/B66
    • GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

4G Communication Rate:

  • CAT1: Uplink speed 5Mbps, Downlink speed 10Mbps

4G Antennas:

  • MAIN Antenna: IPEX male connector ×1

Voice Microphone: ×1

SIM Card Slot:

  • Type: Push-lock

LED Indicators:

  • Power Status: Red
  • Network Status: Blue

Operating Temperature:

  • Range: -40°C ~ 85°C

Product Dimensions:

  • Size: 60mm×52mm



Interface Name Description
ANT The 4G signal antenna interface, connects to GSM antenna
UART UART interface (interface voltage level 3.3V-5V)
USB-Type C USB device interface, used for communication and parameter configuration with a computer
Power IN External power supply required when using the UART interface (5V-12V)
Audio OUT External 8Ω 1.0W speaker
SIM Card Insert a SIM card

Important Notes:

1. When using the PH2.0 socket for module communication, an external power supply of 5V-12V is required.

2.Net - Network signal indicator:

  • Steady blue light: Searching for a network.
  • Rapid blue flashes (once every 1 second): Network registration completed

Common AT Commands:

Command Significance Return Value
AT AT test command OK
ATE ATE1 sets echo, ATE0 disables echo OK
AT+CGMI Query module manufacturer OK
AT+CGMM Query module model OK
AT+CGSN Query product serial number OK
AT+CSUB Query module version and chip OK
AT+CGMR Query firmware version number OK
AT+IPR=9600 Set the module's temporary hardware serial port baud rate to 9600 +IPR: OK
AT+IPR? Query the current hardware serial port baud rate +IPR: Baud Rate
AT+CRESET Reset the module (the module will restart and automatically register on the network) OK
AT+CSQ Query network signal quality, returns signal value +CSQ: 14,99 OK
AT+CPIN? Query SIM card status, returns READY if the SIM card is recognized +CPIN: READY
AT+COPS? Query the current operator, will return operator information after normal connection +COPS: OK
AT+CREG? Query network registration status +CREG: OK

Note: This AT command is case-insensitive

Querying Result Codes and Their Meanings

Detailed Result Code Meaning
OK Command executed successfully with no errors
CONNECT Connection successful
RING Ring detected (incoming call received)
NO CARRIER No established connection or connection disconnected
ERROR Invalid command or command failed
NO DIALTONE No dial tone, unable to dial, incorrect mode
BUSY Currently in a call or server is busy
NO ANSWER Connection timed out



  • IoT Data Transmission and Remote Control: Ideal for various IoT applications requiring reliable data communication.
  • Mobile Device Monitoring: Useful for keeping track of mobile devices.
  • Logistics and Transportation: Enhances tracking and communication in transportation sectors.
  • Warehousing and Theft Prevention: Aids in monitoring and preventing theft in storage facilities.
  • Surveillance and Positioning: Suitable for surveillance systems and positioning applications.


Package Includes:

  • CAT1: A7670G 4G Communication Module x1
  • 4G antenna: x1
  • Triple-cut universal SIM card adapter x1
  • Gravity PH2.0-4P Communication Connection Cable ×1