Beetle RP2040 Mini Development Board

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The DFRobot Beetle RP2040 is a compact development board based on the RP2040 microcontroller chip designed by Raspberry Pi. Featuring a dual-core ARM Cortex-M0+ processor running up to 133MHz with 264KB of internal RAM and 2MB of flash storage, this board supports USB 1.1 devices. Its small size of 27mm x 20mm makes it ideal for embedding into various projects. It offers beginner-friendly large pads for easy soldering and 8 versatile GPIO ports, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.



  • RP2040 Microcontroller: Equipped with a dual-core ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, designed by Raspberry Pi, ensuring powerful performance.
  • 2MB Flash Storage: Provides ample space for code and data storage.
  • Compact Size: Measuring just 27mm x 20mm, it fits easily into small devices and projects.
  • Immersion Gold Pads: Large pads designed for easy soldering and reliable connections.
  • Programming Support: Compatible with C++, MicroPython, Arduino C, and Mind+ graphical programming, offering flexibility for developers.
  • Versatile GPIO Ports: Includes 8 GPIO pins that support I2C, UART, SPI, digital, and analog functions, allowing for diverse interfacing options.
  • Onboard LED: Features an onboard BLINK_LED for status indication.
  • USB Type-C Interface: Ensures easy and modern connectivity for power and programming.
  • USB 1.1 Device Compatibility: Fully supports USB 1.1 devices, facilitating broad compatibility.
  • Durable Build: Constructed with FR-4 PCB material and immersion gold for robust performance and longevity.



  • Microcontroller Unit (MCU): Raspberry Pi RP2040
  • Main Frequency: 133MHz
  • RAM: 264KB
  • Flash Storage: 2MB
  • Power Supply: DC 3.3V~5V
  • System Voltage Level: 3.3V
  • USB Interface: USB Type-C
  • GPIO Ports: 8

    • Digital I/O: 8

    • Analog I/O: 2

    • I2C Ports: 2

    • UART Ports: 2

    • SPI Port: 1

  • Control Buttons: Reset Button ×1, BOOT Button ×1

  • LED: Onboard status LED ×1


  • USB Device Compatibility: USB 1.1
  • Programming Languages: C++, MicroPython, Arduino C, Mind+ graphical programming
  • Soldering Pad Size: 4mm x 3.5mm
  • Pad Pitch: 2.54mm
  • PCB Material: FR-4 with immersion gold copper clad
  • Solder Material: Environmentally friendly and lead-free
  • Dimensions: 27mm x 20mm x 4.91mm (1.06" x 0.79" x 0.19")



  • Programmable Light Control and Home Appliance Control: Suitable for creating smart home applications such as automated lighting systems.
  • Stage Props Control: Ideal for controlling stage props and lighting in theatrical productions.
  • Desktop Equipment: Can be used to develop and control desktop gadgets and peripherals.
  • Node Data Collection and AI Analysis: Effective for collecting data from various sensors and performing AI analysis.
  • Computer USB Devices: Useful for creating and interfacing USB devices for computers, such as input devices or USB-powered gadgets.


NO. Digital Port Analog Port UART I2C SPI Others
GP0 D0       SPI0/MISO  
GP1 D1       SPI0/CSn  
GP2 D2     SDA1 SPI0/SCK When using SPI0, I2C1 is not available
GP3 D3     SCL1 SPI0/MOSI  
GP4 D4   RX2 SDA0   When using I2C0, UART2 is not available
GP5 D5   TX2 SCL0    
GP28 D28 A2 TX1      
GP29 D29 A3 RX1      
GND           Ground pin
VCC           This pin is connected to the USB power pin, when used as an output, it equals USB voltage (generally 5V); when used as an input, the supply voltage is 3.3V~5V.
3V3           This pin is connected to the output of the buck chip. It can be used as a power supply output with a voltage of 3.3V.




Package Includes:

  • Beetle RP2040 x1