LCD TFT IPS Display 1.8" 128x160 With MicroSD Card Slot (Fermion: Breakout DFRobot)

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The ST7735S 1.8" TFT Display is a highly adaptable display module featuring a resolution of 128×160 and SPI (4-wire) communication. Equipped with an integrated SD card slot, it enables effortless retrieval of full-color bitmaps from the SD card. Offering both pin header wiring and GDI (General Display Interface), it facilitates direct connection to a FireBeetle main controller using an FPC cable. With its low refresh rates and remarkable versatility, it delivers a superior display effect, making it ideal for a wide range of applications such as sensor monitoring and alarms, Arduino temperature monitoring, and fan control systems.



  • High Resolution: Boasting a 128x160 resolution, the display ensures crisp and clear visuals for detailed information.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: With SPI (4-wire) communication and an integrated SD card slot, the module enables seamless data transfer and storage capabilities, retrieving full-color bitmaps directly from the SD card.
  • Flexible Wiring Options: The display offers two wiring methods - pin header wiring and GDI (General Display Interface), providing users with versatile connectivity options to suit their project requirements.
  • Easy Integration: Designed for plug-and-play functionality, the display can be effortlessly connected to a FireBeetle main controller using an FPC cable, streamlining the integration process.
  • Superior Display Performance: Featuring a low refresh rate, the display delivers exceptional display performance with vivid colors and sharp image quality, ensuring an optimal viewing experience.
  • Wide Range of Applications: With its strong versatility, the display module is suitable for various applications including sensor monitoring and alarms, Arduino temperature monitoring, fan control systems, and more.



  • Operating Voltage: 3.3 V - 5 V
  • TFT Viewing Angle: 120 degrees
  • Pixels: 128 columns x 160 rows
  • Communication: SPI
  • Interface Mode: GDI, pin header
  • Driver Chip: ST7735S
  • Full-screen Power Consumption: 0.11 W
  • MicroSD Slot: 1
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃ to +60℃
  • Display Area: 26 mm x 35 mm/1.02x1.38"
  • Module Dimension: 34 mm x 55 mm/1.34x2.17"
  • Mounting Hole Pitch: 29 mm/1.14", 50 mm/1.97"
  • Mounting Hole Size: 2 mm/0.08"



Board Overview

Num Label Description
1 VCC Power
2 GND Ground
3 SCLK Clock signal
4 MOSI Receiving data
5 MISO Transmitting data
6 CS Screen Chip-select
7 RES Reset
8 DC Data/Command
9 BLK Backlight
10 SDCS SD card chip-select



  • Sensor monitoring and alarm systems
  • Arduino temperature monitoring
  • Fan control systems
  • Industrial automation
  • Portable electronic devices


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 Examples of what you can do with this display:


Package Includes:

  • Fermion: 1.8" 128x160 IPS TFT LCD Display with MicroSD Card Slot (Breakout) x1
  • GDI Display Cable x1
  • 10P Pin Connector x1