Motor Driver TMC260 Shield For Stepper Motors

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DFRobot introduced this stepper motor driver for projects requiring powerful stepper motors, such as automatic curtains or an XY Plotter. It's Arduino compatible and capable of driving stepper motors up to 2A per motor coil, with a maximum voltage of 40V. The driver utilizes the TMC260 chip, which offers energy-efficient microstepping for bipolar stepper motors and features like stall detection, load-dependent current control, and high-speed operation. It supports both Step & Direction signals and serial SPI™ interface. Features like microPlyer™ for smooth operation and spreadCycle™ PWM for performance ensure reliability and ruggedness.



  1. TMC260 Chip: First energy-efficient high-precision microstepping driver IC for bipolar stepper motors with integrated power MOSFETs.
  2. StallGuard2™: High-resolution sensorless load detection for detecting overload and ensuring high reliability.
  3. coolStep™: Load-dependent current control for up to 75% energy savings.
  4. spreadCycle™: Patented PWM mixed decay chopper scheme for best zero crossing performance and high-speed operation.
  5. MicroPlyer™: Allows motor operation with up to 256 µStep smoothness, reducing input frequency to 16 µSteps.
  6. Protection Diagnostics: Includes overcurrent, short to GND, overtemperature & Undervoltage protection.
  7. Arduino Compatible: Suitable for use with Arduino boards.
  8. Drive Capability: Supports up to 2A motor current and voltages up to 40V DC.
  9. Interfaces: Standard SPI and STEP/DIR interfaces for simplified communication.
  10. Highest Resolution: Supports up to 256 microsteps per full step.
  11. Low Power Dissipation: Ensures energy efficiency with low RDSON & synchronous rectification.



  • Drive Capability: Up to 2A motor current
  • Highest Voltage: Up to 40V DC
  • Interfaces: Standard SPI and STEP/DIR
  • Highest Resolution: Up to 256 micro steps per full step
  • Protection: Overcurrent, short to GND, overtemperature & Undervoltage
  • StallGuard2: High-precision sensorless motor load detection
  • Energy savings of up to 75%
  • microlayer: Microstep interpolator for increased smoothness
  • SpreadCycle: High-precision chopper algorithm for performance
  • Low Power Dissipation, low RDSON & synchronous rectification





Package Includes:

  • 1 x TMC260 Stepper Motor Driver Shield x1