Motor Driver 15A DC Single (DFRobot)

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The ultra-small DC motor driver is designed for projects with limited space, featuring the LM2575 IC to drive powerful 36V@15A motors efficiently. It includes UVLO (Under Voltage Latch-Out) for system safety and provides a 5V output for Arduino or other devices. With ESD protection on its interface, it ensures reliability. The driver accepts a voltage supply of DC 12 ~ 36V and has a voltage supply limit of 6.5 ~ 40V. It operates with control signals compatible with both 3.3V and 5V systems. The driver offers PWM speed control, with a minimum valid pulse width of 200 ns. It can handle a maximum continuous operating current of 12A (no heat sink), 15A (with simple heat sink), or 20A (with a thick heat sink/cooling system). The peak current is rated at 110A. Additionally, it has a maximum output current of 500mA at 5V and operates within a temperature range of -25 ~ 85°C. The driver has M3 mounting holes and dimensions of 55mm (Length) x 55mm (Width) x 20mm (Height), weighing 42g.



  1. Compact size suitable for space-limited projects.
  2. Utilizes LM2575 IC for driving powerful motors.
  3. Includes UVLO feature for system protection.
  4. Provides a 5V output for Arduino or other devices.
  5. Interface with ESD protection for reliability.



  • Voltage Supply: DC 12 ~ 36V
  • Voltage Supply Limit: 6.5 ~ 40V
  • Control Signal Level: High: DC 2.0 ~ 5.5V, Low: DC 0 ~ 0.8V
  • Maximum Continuous Operating Current:
    • 12A (no heat sink)
    • 15A (with simple heat sink)
    • 20A (with thick heat sink/cooling system)
  • Peak Current: 110A
  • Speed Control: PWM
  • Minimum Valid Pulse Width: 200 ns
  • Maximum Output Current @5V: 500 mA
  • Working Temperature: -25 ~ 85°C
  • Mounting Hole: M3
  • Dimension: 55 x 55 x 20 mm / 2.165 x 2.165 x 0.787 inches
  • Weight: 42g



DRI0042 15A Single DC Motor Driver Board Overview

Num Label Description
1 9 - 36V Power Supply,
2 PGND Power Supply, GND/ -
3 5VO 5V Output, you can use this power to feed Arduino through Arduino's 5V port, NOT Vin which requires 7-12V input
4 PWM Speed control signal input
5 IN1 Motor steering control signal input 1, Note1
6 IN2 Motor steering control signal input 2
8 OUT2 Motor_
9 OUT1 Motor_-


Control Method

IN1 IN2 PWM OUT1, OUT2 Motor Behavior
0 0 x Stop
1 1 x Vacant
1 0 1 Forward 100%
0 1 1 Reverse 100%
1 0 PWM Forward at PWM speed
0 1 PWM Reverse at PWM speed






Package Includes:

  • 15A Single DC Motor Driver x1