Distance Laser Range Sensor TOF Sense (5m)

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The ultrasonic distance sensor (ULS) described is a high-performance device with an enclosed waterproof probe. It operates on the principle of ultrasonic echo ranging, measuring the time between sending a pulse and receiving its echo to determine distance without contact. The sensor can detect materials and objects, including transparent or non-ferrous items, metals, non-metallic objects, liquids, solids, and powders. Its unique bell-mouth shell enhances ultrasound directivity and stability.



  1. High Degree of Protection: The sensor is enclosed in a waterproof probe, protecting against environmental elements.
  2. Wide Power Supply Range, Low Power Consumption: It can operate within a voltage range of 5V to 12V while consuming minimal power.
  3. High Measuring Accuracy and Resolution: Offers precise distance measurements with a resolution of 1mm.
  4. High-Precision Temperature Output and Compensation: Includes temperature output and compensation functions for enhanced accuracy.
  5. Great Output Compatibility: Supports both RS232 and voltage analog output modes, providing flexibility in connectivity.



    • Supply Voltage: 5V to 12V
    • Center Frequency: 40KHz
    • Operating Current: Average current consumption
    • Blind Zone: 270mm
    • Detection Distance:
      • RS232 Mode: Blind Zone: 270mm, Maximum Detection Distance: 8000mm
      • Analog Mode: Blind Zone: 270mm, Maximum Detection Distance calculable through programs (output voltage 3.3V)
    • Resolution: 1mm
    • Operating Temperature: -15°C to 60°C


ULA Beam Directionalities Diagram

Dimension Diagram




Package Includes:

  • Water-proof Ultrasonic Sensor (ULA) x1
  • Screw bag x1
  • Connector x1