Multimeter UNI-T AC Voltage Detector UT12D

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The UT12D Voltage Detector is a advanced tool designed for both industrial and home use. With a voltage detection range spanning from 24V to 1000V, this device goes beyond the conventional, offering advanced features to ensure safety, accuracy, and ease of use in various applications.



  1. Safe and Reliable: The UT12D is a non-contact test pencil, providing a high level of sensitivity to ensure safe and reliable voltage detection. It can accurately distinguish between zero-fire lines, a crucial capability in electrical testing.
  2. AC Voltage Measurement Range: Covering a wide spectrum, this detector boasts an AC voltage measuring range from 24V to 1000V, catering to diverse electrical systems.
  3. High-Low Dual Mode Detection: Equipped with a dual-mode detection feature, the UT12D can efficiently operate in both high and low voltage scenarios. The display indicates low voltage with a green light (24-1000V) and high voltage with a red light (90-1000V), providing a quick visual cue for the user.
  4. Audio and Light Alarm: For added safety and convenience, the device features an audible and visual alarm synchronization, alerting users to potential voltage hazards.
  5. Low Voltage Indication: The UT12D includes a low voltage indication, ensuring that users are aware of voltage levels even when they fall below the typical detection range.
  6. Auto Power Off: To conserve energy, the detector incorporates an auto-power-off feature. If left unused for 5 minutes, the device will power off automatically.
  7. Built-in Flashlight: Operating in challenging lighting conditions is made easier with the built-in flashlight, providing illumination when and where you need it.
  8. CAT IV 1000V Safety Level: With a safety level of CAT IV 1000V, the UT12D prioritizes user safety, making it a reliable choice for professionals and homeowners alike.
  9. 1-Meter Drop-Proof: Designed to withstand real-world conditions, the UT12D is drop-proof up to 1 meter, ensuring durability and longevity.



  • Voltage Detection Range: 24V-1000V
  • Operating Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Certification: ETL, CE
  • Safety Level: CAT IV 1000V
  • Drop-Proof: 1 meter

Package Includes:

  • UT12D Voltage Detector
  • User Manual