Battery Lithium Charge Control Module XY-L10A 6-60V 10A

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The XY-L10A BMS 6-60V 30A Lithium Battery Charging Protection Module with LCD Display is a charging control unit suitable for industrial applications. It ensures battery health and longevity by providing comprehensive battery protection and charging features. With an operating voltage range of 6V to 60V, this module effectively manages batteries or cell packs, keeping them fully charged, electrically healthy, and ready to deliver reliable power when needed.



  1. LCD Display: Shows battery voltage, percentage of electricity, and charging time for easy monitoring.
  2. Working Status Indicator: Provides visual feedback on the module's operational status.
  3. Automatic Charging/Discharging Control: Safeguards the battery by automatically managing charging and discharging processes.
  4. Charging Time Recording Function: Records full charge time and displays it when entering the time display interface.
  5. Automatic Parameter Detection: Alerts users when parameters are set improperly.
  6. Battery Connection Detection: Notifies users if the battery is not properly connected.
  7. Support for UART Data Upload and Parameter Setting: Allows for convenient data upload and parameter configuration via UART interface.
  8. Control Voltage Range: Supports DC 6V-60V, with a maximum battery voltage of 48V.
  9. Continuous Relay Control: Automatically turns the relay on and off to manage charging current.
  10. Automatic Cycling: Operates in voltage control mode, controlling turn-off and turn-on without limiting current.
  11. Applications: Suitable for use in various industrial settings including cars, electric cars, factories, communications rooms, radar stations, and computer rooms.



  • Usage/Application: Industrial + Home.
  • Color: As shown in the image
  • Dimensions: 79 x 42 mm
  • Operating Voltage: 6~60V
  • Output Type: Direct Output, Output Voltage / Current = Input Voltage
  • Control Accuracy: 0.1V


Pinout and Connections:


How the Module Works: 

  • Automatic Charging Control Function:

    • Set upper limit voltage (UP) and lower limit voltage (dn).
    • When battery voltage ≤ lower limit voltage (dn), the relay is activated, initiating battery charging.
    • When battery voltage ≥ upper limit voltage (UP), the relay is disconnected, completing automatic charging.

    Charging Time Control Function:

    • Time control function can be activated by setting parameter OP.
    • Default OP parameters: --: --h (time control function is off by default).
    • During time control, if battery voltage is less than lower limit voltage (dn), charging starts, and the system begins timing.
    • If battery voltage ≥ upper limit voltage (UP) during timing, the relay is disconnected.
    • If battery voltage < upper limit voltage but charging time is up, the relay is turned off.
    • If OP time is up and battery voltage is still < lower limit voltage (dn), the relay remains on, and time control function is automatically turned off. H:ER flashes to indicate unreasonable time parameter setting. Press any key to stop flashing.
    • Time format: 00:59 (00 for hours, 59 for minutes), maximum time is 99:59 (100 hours).

    Serial Data Upload and Parameter Setting Function:

    • Supports UART data upload and parameter setting function (TTL level).
    • UART: 115200,8,1
    • Data upload message format: Battery voltage + battery percentage + charging time + charging status (e.g., 12.0V, 020%, 00:10, OP).
    • Parameter setting: Long press SET key to enter setting interface, short press SET key to switch parameters, set parameters using UP/DOWN keys (short press or long press for rapid increase or decrease), long press SET to exit and save.


    • Voltage percentage = battery voltage / (upper limit voltage - lower limit voltage).

    Additional Functions:

    • Charging time recording: Records complete time if time control is off. Flashing charging time during display.
    • Automatic parameter detection: Flashes "ERR" if dn ≥ UP during parameter setting.
    • Battery connection detection: Displays "nbE" if the battery is not connected.



Package Includes:

1 x Battery Lithium Charge Control Module XY-L10A 6-60V 10A