Battery Lithium Charge Control Module XY-L10A 6-60V 10A

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 6-60V 10A Lithium Battery Charge Control Module Controller Protection Board with Overcharge Protection Switch XY-L10A

Automatic Charging Control Function:

  • Set upper limit voltage (UP) and lower limit voltage (dn).
  • When battery voltage ≤ lower limit voltage (dn), the relay is activated, initiating battery charging.
  • When battery voltage ≥ upper limit voltage (UP), the relay is disconnected, completing automatic charging.

Charging Time Control Function:

  • Time control function can be activated by setting parameter OP.
  • Default OP parameters: --: --h (time control function is off by default).
  • During time control, if battery voltage is less than lower limit voltage (dn), charging starts, and the system begins timing.
  • If battery voltage ≥ upper limit voltage (UP) during timing, the relay is disconnected.
  • If battery voltage < upper limit voltage but charging time is up, the relay is turned off.
  • If OP time is up and battery voltage is still < lower limit voltage (dn), the relay remains on, and time control function is automatically turned off. H:ER flashes to indicate unreasonable time parameter setting. Press any key to stop flashing.
  • Time format: 00:59 (00 for hours, 59 for minutes), maximum time is 99:59 (100 hours).

Serial Data Upload and Parameter Setting Function:

  • Supports UART data upload and parameter setting function (TTL level).
  • UART: 115200,8,1
  • Data upload message format: Battery voltage + battery percentage + charging time + charging status (e.g., 12.0V, 020%, 00:10, OP).
  • Parameter setting: Long press SET key to enter setting interface, short press SET key to switch parameters, set parameters using UP/DOWN keys (short press or long press for rapid increase or decrease), long press SET to exit and save.


  • Voltage percentage = battery voltage / (upper limit voltage - lower limit voltage).

Additional Functions:

  • Charging time recording: Records complete time if time control is off. Flashing charging time during display.
  • Automatic parameter detection: Flashes "ERR" if dn ≥ UP during parameter setting.
  • Battery connection detection: Displays "nbE" if the battery is not connected.