Temperature Thermocouple MAX6675 Module

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The MAX6675 Thermocouple Temperature Module is a device designed for accurate temperature measurements using a thermocouple. It offers simple SPI communication for easy data transmission, on-chip cold junction compensation for accuracy, and high impedance differential input for precise readings. Additionally, it features thermocouple disconnection detection for reliability, a wide working voltage range of 3.0 to 5.5 volts, and a working temperature range from -20℃ to 85℃. With its compact size of 15mm*25mm and ability to withstand 2000V ESD, it's suitable for various temperature-sensing applications.



  • Simple SPI Serial Port Temperature Output: The module utilizes the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) communication protocol, providing a straightforward means of transmitting temperature data to a microcontroller or other digital devices.
  • On-Chip Cold Junction Compensation: The MAX6675 is equipped with on-chip cold junction compensation, ensuring accurate temperature measurements by accounting for variations in the ambient temperature at the junction of the thermocouple.
  • High Impedance Differential Input: The module features a high impedance differential input, allowing it to interface with thermocouples and capture precise temperature readings effectively.
  • Thermocouple Disconnection Detection: To enhance reliability, the MAX6675 includes thermocouple disconnection detection, alerting users if there is a disruption in the thermocouple connection. This feature is crucial for ensuring the accuracy and integrity of temperature measurements.
  • Wide Working Voltage Range: The module operates within a broad voltage range of 3.0 to 5.5 volts, with a low working current of 50mA. This flexibility in voltage requirements makes it compatible with a variety of power supply sources.
  • Working Temperature Range: The MAX6675 has a reliable working temperature range spanning from -20℃ to 85℃, making it suitable for various environments and applications.
  • 2000V ESD Signal: The module is designed to withstand Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) up to 2000V, protecting static electricity that may be encountered during handling or operation.



  • Wide Working Voltage Range: 3.0~5.5V
  • Working Current: 50mA
  • Working Temperature Range: -20℃~85℃
  • ESD Signal: 2000V
  • Power Supply Voltage: 3~5V DC
  • Module Size: 15mm*25mm



Thermal Sensor Relay Module (MAX6675) – QuartzComponents

  • GND (Ground)
  • VCC (Power Supply Voltage)
  • SCK (Serial Clock), CS (Chip Select)
  • SO (Serial Output).


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Temperature Thermocouple MAX6675 Module 
  • 1 x Thermocouple (Thermo Element wire)