Robot micro:Maqueen Plus V2 (18650 Battery) with HUSKYLENS

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The Maqueen Plus V2 Educational Robot Kit includes the micro: Maqueen Plus V2 (18650 battery) and Gravity: HUSKYLENS components. Please note that the micro: bit board and batteries are not included and need to be purchased separately.

What's New in Maqueen Plus V2?

  1. Two versions available: 4 AA battery and 18650 battery.
  2. Upgraded plastic box with a deeper base for ample room for the assembled car.
  3. Enhanced durability with a frosted acrylic protective plate at the bottom.
  4. Line-tracking sensors were reduced from 6 to 5, simplifying programming and optimizing line-tracking codes.
  5. Consistent and smooth motor performance, maintaining parameters from the previous Maqueen.
  6. Switched to SR04 ultrasonic sensor for easier installation.
  7. Added 4 RGB ambient lights at the base, with RGB car lights now replaced with LEDs.
  8. Eliminated the less useful magnetic encoder.

The Maqueen Plus V2 is the latest iteration of the STEAM educational robot, offering expanded ports, increased power supply capacity, and a larger body. It is fully compatible with various peripherals such as the HuskyLens AI camera and Maqueen Mechanic Kits, making it an ideal tool for STEAM education in primary and secondary schools. Suitable for both classroom teaching and after-school activities, Maqueen Plus V2 provides a versatile and accessible platform for robotics enthusiasts.

Maqueen Plus V2


  • Quick and easy assembly, suitable for beginners.
  • Abundant IO expansion ports: 3.3V IO x7, 5V IO x3, I2C x3.
  • 5 reliable line-tracking sensors.
  • Larger body for more flexible expansion options.
  • Two versions are available: AA battery and 18650 battery.
  • Compatible with HuskyLens AI camera.
  • Rich peripherals: IR receiver, LED car lights, RGB ambient lights, buzzer, ultrasonic sensor, and more.
  • Frosted acrylic protective plate at the bottom.
  • Deeper base in the storage box for ample room for the assembled Maqueen Plus car.



  • Power Supply: MBT0021-EN-18650: 18650 Lithium battery (3.6V or 3.7V) x 1, onboard charging circuit, MicroUSB and TYPE-C charging interfaces, 4 hours to charge fully.
  • Support for micro:bit V1 and V2.
  • N20 All-metal Gear Motor x 2.
  • Buzzer x 1.
  • Various IO and I2C ports.
  • Large Size LED Car Lights x 2.
  • RGB Ambient Lights x 4.
  • Line-tracking Sensor x 5.
  • IR Receiver x 1.
  • SR04 Ultrasonic Module x 1.
  • Dimension: 136mm×65mm/5.35×2.56".
  • Programming Platform: Mind+, MakeCode.
  • MakeCode Library Address.



  • STEM Education




Package Includes:

  • Maqueen Plus V2 (18650 battery) Vehicle body x 1 (Note: the motor, vehicle wheel, support wheel, and battery panel have been installed before delivery).
  • H-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor x 1.
  • Line-tracking Map x 1.
  • Gravity: HUSKYLENS - An Easy-to-use AI Machine Vision Sensor x 1.