DC Motor Micro Metal Geared w/Encoder 6V 530RPM 30:1

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The Micro Metal Gear Motor equipped with a built-in encoder is a motor setting a new standard in real-time speed measurement. This cutting-edge motor delivers an exceptional average output of up to 7x2x30 pulses per revolution, ensuring unparalleled precision in your applications. The encoder's resolution is further enhanced by a hall sensor with 7 pole pairs in the new version, providing a 7-fold increase for even finer control.



  • The motor features a lengthy D-profile metal output shaft (0.354"/9.0 mm), perfectly aligned with the dimensions of Pololu wheels (42x19mm and 32x7 mm).
  • The brass faceplate boasts two meticulously threaded mounting holes designed for M1.6 screws (1.6mm diameter, 0.35mm thread pitch).
  • Tailor your setup with the included mounting bracket or extended mounting bracket, ensuring secure gear motor placement and safeguarding exposed gears. The extended mounting bracket is particularly recommended for wheels with recessed hubs, such as the 42×19mm wheel.
  • Ideal for compatibility with the 2WD miniQ Robot Chassis, expanding the versatility of your robotic projects.



  • Rated Voltage: 6.0 V
  • Motor Speed: Impressive 15,000 RPM
  • Gear Reduction Ratio: 30:1 for optimal torque and precision
  • Reducer Length: 9.0 mm
  • No-Load Speed: 530 rpm@6V
  • No-Load Current: Efficiently draws 60 mA
  • Rated Torque: 0.2 kg.cm
  • Rated Speed: Achieves 300 rpm@6V
  • Current Rating: 170 mA
  • Instant Torque: Robust 0.45 kg.cm
  • Hall Feedback Resolution: High-resolution feedback with 420 pulses
  • Weight: Lightweight design at 18g


Documents for Seamless Integration:


Package Includes:

  • Micro Metal Gearmotor 30:1 w/Encoder x1
  • 6-pin connection cable x1
  • 2-pin 1.5 mm JST connector x1
  • 4-pin 1.5 mm JST connector x1