IC CD4066 CMOS Quad Bilateral Switches

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Part of the CD4000 IC series, the CD4066 is a quad bilateral switch designed for the transmission or multiplexing of analog or digital signals. It maintains pin-for-pin compatibility with CD4016BC and directly interfaces with CMOS, NMOS, and TTL devices. The IC offers a broad working voltage range, providing versatility in various applications. Noteworthy features include squelch controlling and ESD barring.



  • Wide supply voltage range: 3V to 15V
  • High noise immunity: 0.45 VDD (typ.)
  • Wide range of digital and ±7.5 VPEAK analog switching
  • "ON" resistance for 15V operation: 80Ω
  • Matched "ON" resistance ∆RON = 5Ω (typ.) over 15V signal input
  • "ON" resistance flat over peak-to-peak signal range
  • High "ON"/"OFF" output voltage ratio: 65 dB (typ.) @ 10 kHz, RL = 10 kΩ
  • Extremely high control input impedance: 10^12Ω (typ.)
  • Low crosstalk: -50 dB (typ.) between switches @ 0.9 MHz, RL = 1 kΩ
  • Frequency response, switch "ON": 40 MHz (typ.)




1, 4, 8, 11 IN/OUT SIG A, B, C, Input/ Output pin for Switch A, B, C and D
2, 3, 9, 10 OUT/IN SIG A, B, C, D Output/ Input pin for Switch A, B, C and D
7 Vss Ground of the circuit.
14 Vdd Voltage Supply
5 CONTROL_B switch-B Control input
6 CONTROL_C switch-C  Control input
Pin 12 CONTROL_D switch-D Control input
Pin 13 CONTROL_A switch-A Control input




  • Switching and multiplexing of Analog and Digital Signals
  • Sample and Hold circuits
  • Signal Gating, Modulators, Demodulators, Choppers, Commutating Switches
  • Dead band filter
  • Logic Implementation of Transmission-Gates
  • Switching of networks
  • Squelch control
  • Conversion of Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog signals
  • Digital Control of Frequency, Phase Impedance, and Analog-Signal Gain
  • CMOS logic implementation


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