IC 74LS85 4-Bit Magnitude Comparator

AED 8.30



The 74LS85 is an integrated circuit designed as a 4-bit magnitude comparator, offering efficient binary data comparison. With a compact size and available in multiple packages, it caters to the diverse requirements of various circuits. The IC facilitates the comparison of two 4-bit binary data sets, providing output in the form of HIGH and LOW states. Notably, it boasts low power consumption and outputs in TTL form, ensuring compatibility with other TTL-based devices and microcontrollers.


  • Voltage Range: 4.75 to 5.25
  • Input Voltage (HIGH state): Minimum 2
  • Input Voltage (LOW state): Maximum 0.8
  • Output Current (HIGH state): -0.4mA
  • Output Current (LOW state): 8mA
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 degrees
  • Internal Protection: Against clamp voltages with a range of about -1.5V

Key Features:

  • Simultaneous 4-bit Comparison: Capable of comparing 4-bit binary data simultaneously.
  • Expandability: Can be expanded to compare data sets larger than 4-bits.
  • TTL Output: Outputs in TTL form, ensuring compatibility with other TTL devices and microcontrollers.
  • Package Options: Available in two packages - SOIC and PDIP.
  • Internal Protection: Equipped with internal protection against clamp voltages.


Pin Detail
1 B3 - Input of data B
2 IA < B
3 IA = B
4 IA > B
5 OA > B - Output
6 OA = B - Output
7 OA < B - Output
8 GND - Ground
9 B0 - LSB of input data B
10 A0 - LSB of input data A
11 B1 - Second LSB of data B
12 A1 - Second LSB of data A
13 A2 - Second bit of data A
14 B2 - Second bit of data B
15 A3 - MSB of data A
16 VCC - Power input