Tool Wire Cutter Diagonal Nose 5inch Plier Yellow

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The Tool Wire Cutter Diagonal Nose is a precision hand tool designed for efficient and accurate cutting of wires and small components. With a compact size of 5 inches, this diagonal nose plier is a instrument suitable for various applications in electronics, crafting, and other precision tasks. The distinctive yellow handle adds visibility and a touch of vibrancy to the tool, making it easy to locate in a toolbox or workspace.



  1. Size: 5 Inch Compact dimensions provide ease of use and maneuverability in tight spaces.
  2. Handle Color: Yellow The vibrant yellow color enhances visibility, making the tool easy to locate and identify in a cluttered workspace.
  3. Tong Head Material: CR-V Chrome-vanadium Steel
  4. Functionality: Diagonal Nose Cutter Specifically designed for cutting wires and small components with precision. The diagonal nose shape allows for close and accurate cuts in confined spaces.