Push Button Tactile Switch 6x6x4.3mm

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The Push Button Tactile Switch, with a compact size of 6x6x4.3mm, is a versatile and reliable component designed for momentary electrical contact applications. Its tactile feedback and small form factor make it suitable for various electronic devices, including consumer electronics, appliances, and industrial equipment. This switch is characterized by its ease of use and durability, making it an ideal choice for applications that require repeated actuations.


  1. Dimensions:
    1. Size: 6x6x4.3mm
    2. Compact design for space-efficient integration.
  2. Temperature Range:
    1. Operating Temperature: -25°C to +85°C
    2. Suitable for a broad range of environmental conditions.
  3. Rated Load:
    1. DC12V 0.1A
    2. The maximum voltage and current that the switch is designed to handle under normal operating conditions.
  4. Contact Resistance:
    1. <= 0.03Ω
    2. Low resistance ensures efficient electrical contact.
  5. Withstand Voltage:
    1. AC250 V (50Hz) / MIN
    2. The maximum voltage the switch can withstand without breaking down.
  6. Actuation Force:
    1. 1.3 + -0.5N
    2. The force required to actuate the switch, providing a tactile feel to the user.
  7. Insulation Resistance:
    1. = 100MΩ

    2. High insulation resistance prevents leakage of current.
  8. Switching Life:
    1. 100,000 times (cycles)
    2. The number of actuations the switch is rated for, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Push Button Tactile Switch 6x6x4.3mm