DC-DC Booster 10-60V 600W Solar Power Supply Module

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The DC-DC Booster 10-60V 600W Solar Power Supply Module is a electronic device designed to efficiently convert and regulate electrical power in solar energy applications. With its compact size and powerful specifications, it serves as a crucial component in solar power systems, providing a reliable and adjustable power source for various electronic devices.



  1. Input Voltage: The module accepts input voltages ranging from 12V to 60V, making it compatible with a wide range of solar panel setups and configurations.
  2. Input Current: It can handle a maximum input current of 15A, ensuring efficient power intake from the connected solar panels.
  3. Output Voltage: The module offers a continuously adjustable output voltage in the range of 12V to 80V, providing flexibility for different devices and applications.
  4. Output Current: The maximum output current is 10A, and it is adjustable, allowing users to fine-tune the power supply according to their specific requirements.
  5. Output Power: The effective power (P) is calculated as the product of the input voltage (V) and the maximum output current (10A), following the formula P = V * 10A. This configuration enables a maximum output power of 600W.
  6. Conversion Efficiency: The module boasts a high conversion efficiency of up to 95%, which is influenced by factors such as input voltage, input current, output voltage, and output current.
  7. Short Circuit Protection: Equipped with a fuse for short circuit protection, enhancing the safety of the module and connected devices.
  8. Module Size: The compact dimensions of 73mm x 51mm make the module suitable for integration into various solar power systems without occupying excessive space.



  • Input Voltage: 12V-60V
  • Input Current: Maximum 15A
  • Output Voltage: 12V-80V (continuously adjustable)
  • Output Current: Maximum 10A (adjustable)
  • Output Power: Effective power (P) = Input voltage (V) * 10A
  • Conversion Efficiency: Up to 95% (influenced by input voltage, current; output voltage, current)
  • Short Circuit Protection: Fuse
  • Module Size: 73mm x 51mm


Package Includes:

  • 1 x DC-DC Booster 10-60V 600W Solar Power Supply Module