Battery Nickel-plated Strip for Lithium 18650 Soldering 0.1x4mm (Per Meter)

AED 5.00



The Battery Nickel-plated Strip for Lithium 18650 Soldering is a crucial component designed to elevate the performance and longevity of various battery applications. With a silver high-quality strip that is constructed from nickel-plated steel, offering robust durability and superior conductivity. Tailored for manufacturing nickel cadmium, nickel-hydrogen batteries, battery combinations, and applications in electric tools and special lamps, this strip is a versatile solution for powering diverse devices.



  • Material: Constructed from nickel and plated steel, ensuring both durability and efficient conductivity.
  • Dimensions: With a thickness of 0.1mm and a width of 4mm per meter, providing optimal flexibility for diverse applications.
  • Length: 1-meter
  • Purpose: Specifically designed for manufacturing nickel-cadmium, nickel-hydrogen batteries, battery combinations, electric tools, and special lamps.
  • Performance: Nickel plating enhances corrosion resistance, conductivity, and overall performance, ensuring the longevity of the battery.