IC Logic Gate CD4072 Triple 3-Input OR

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The IC is a Triple 3-input OR Gate designed to facilitate positive-logic OR functions. Expanding the family of CMOS gates, this IC is housed in a 14-pin hermetically sealed dual in-line (DIP) package, ensuring versatility in various applications. Offering notable features like high noise immunity and ESD barring, the CD4072 is compact, making it directly interfaceable with TTL, CMOS, NMOS, and other devices. In this detailed overview, we'll explore the key features, pin configuration, and specifications of the CD4072 IC.



  • Triple 3-Input OR Gate: The IC incorporates three OR gates, each supporting up to three inputs, enabling versatile logic operations.
  • Compatibility: Directly interfaces with TTL, CMOS, NMOS, and other devices, enhancing its usability across different electronic systems.
  • Hermetically Sealed DIP Package: The 14-pin dual in-line package ensures robustness and ease of integration into various circuit designs.
  • High Noise Immunity and ESD Barring: Provides reliable performance even in noisy environments and protection against electrostatic discharge.
  • Compact Size: The CD4072 is designed to be small in size, contributing to its adaptability in space-constrained applications.



  • High-Voltage Types (20V Rating)
  • CD4071BMS Quad 2-Input OR Gate
  • CD4075BMS Triple 3-Input OR Gate
  • Medium Speed Operation: tPHL, tPLH = 60ns (typ) at 10V
  • 100% Tested for Quiescent Current at 20V
  • Maximum Input Current of 1µA at 18V Over Full Package Temperature Range; 100nA at 18V and +25oC
  • Standardized Symmetrical Output Characteristics


Pin Configuration:

CD4072 Dual 4-Input OR Gate - Datasheet Hub

  1. Q0 - Output of OR Gate 1
  2. A0 - Input 0 of OR GATE 1
  3. A1 - Input 1 of OR GATE 1
  4. A2 - Input 2 of OR GATE 1
  5. A3 - Input 3 of OR GATE 1
  6. NC - No Connection
  7. VSS - Source Supply
  8. NC - No Connection
  9. B0 - Input 0 of OR GATE 2
  10. B1 - Input 1 of OR GATE 2
  11. B2 - Input 2 of OR GATE 2
  12. B3 - Input 3 of OR GATE 2
  13. Q1 - Output of OR Gate 2
  14. VDD - Drain Supply



  • Doorbell circuits
  • Industrial plantations
  • Protective measures in electronic systems