Logic Gate IC Dual 4 -Input AND 74LS21

AED 8.30



The 74LS21 is a member of the 74LS family of integrated circuits, specifically designed as a Dual 4-Input AND gate. Manufactured by various semiconductor companies, this IC is widely used in digital electronics for logic operations where the AND function with multiple inputs is required.


  • Dual 4-Input AND Gates: The 74LS21 comprises two separate 4-input AND gates within a single IC package. This dual configuration enhances space efficiency on circuit boards and allows for implementing two AND functions in close proximity.
  • High-Speed Operation: Designed for high-speed 40Mhz digital applications, the 74LS21 provides rapid logic operations, making it suitable for applications requiring quick and efficient processing.
  • TTL Compatibility: The IC is compatible with TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic) input and output levels. This ensures seamless integration with other TTL-based components in digital circuits.
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range: The 74LS21 typically operates within a Voltage, 4.75 – 5.25 Vdc. voltages, providing flexibility in different digital system designs.
  • Schmitt-Trigger Inputs: Using Schmitt-trigger inputs in the 74LS21 enhances its noise immunity, making it more resilient to input signal fluctuations and ensuring reliable logic operations.


Supply Voltage 4.75 – 5.25Vdc
Maximum Clock Frequency 40Mhz
Power Dissipation 2mW/gate @100kHz
Minimum Output Current 8mA
Propagation Delay 10nS
Fan Out (TTL Loads) 20