IC Presettable Divide-By-N Counter CD4018

AED 6.30



The CD4018 is an integrated circuit (IC) that falls into the category of presettable divide-by-N counters. Developed by Texas Instruments, this IC is widely used in digital electronics for various applications requiring frequency division and counting.



  • Presettable Counter: The CD4018 is a presettable counter, meaning it allows users to set a specific count value before the counting process begins. This feature enhances flexibility in digital applications.
  • Decade Counter: It functions as a decade counter, capable of counting in decimal (0 to 9). This makes it particularly useful in applications where counting cycles need to follow a decimal sequence.
  • Parallel Load: The IC supports parallel loading of the initial count value. This enables quick and efficient configuration of the counter, enhancing its usability in various digital systems.
  • Internal Clock: The CD4018 comes with an internal clock oscillator, simplifying its integration into digital circuits. External clock signals can also be applied to meet specific timing requirements.
  • Reset Function: A reset function is integrated into the IC, allowing users to clear the count and start afresh when needed. This feature is crucial for maintaining accuracy in counting processes.
  • Low Power Consumption: Designed with power efficiency in mind, the CD4018 minimizes power consumption, making it suitable for battery-operated devices and energy-conscious applications.



  1. Supply Voltage: The CD4018 operates within a 5V to 20V, which is much higher than any contemporary logic family
  2. Count Range: With its decade counter functionality, the IC can count from 0 to 9, making it suitable for applications where decimal counting is essential.
  3. Input and Output Logic Levels: The CD4018 is compatible with standard TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic) input and output logic levels, facilitating easy integration into digital circuits.
  4. Maximum Clock Frequency: The IC has a maximum clock frequency that determines the speed at which it can process counting operations. This parameter is crucial for applications with specific timing requirements.
  5. Package Type: The CD4018 is available in dual in-line packages (DIP).