Microwave Radar Human Presence Sensing 24GHz 6 Meters Module (DFRobot)

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This 24GHz Human Presence Sensing Radar Module employs FMCW (frequency-modulated continuous wave) technology to achieve high-sensitivity human presence detection in a defined space. Equipped with advanced radar signal processing and precise human sensing algorithms, the module can discern human targets in both motion and stationary states. It provides auxiliary information such as the distance to the target. The sensing capabilities of this radar module are impervious to environmental factors like temperature, brightness, humidity, and light fluctuations. Its FMCW radar technology allows it to penetrate materials, enabling seamless operation within enclosed spaces without the need for openings. Primarily designed for indoor applications, the radar module detects moving or micro-moving humans in the detection area, offering real-time detection results. It boasts a sensing distance of up to 6 meters and a resolution of 0.75m. The module supports UART and GPIO (high and low level) outputs, offering flexibility for various applications, including smart light control, human body induction for advertising screens, UV light control, and home security.

24GHz Human Presence Sensing Module 24GHz Human Presence Sensing Module



  • Wide supply voltage range: 5-12V
  • High sensitivity with a wide detection angle of 120°
  • Sensing distance up to 6m, with the capability to output distance values
  • Compact, long, and narrow shape (7mm width) for easy embedding
  • Supports UART & GPIO (high/low level) output



  • Smart light control
  • Human body induction for advertising screens
  • UV light control
  • Home security



  • Operating Frequency Range: 24GHz-24.25GHz
  • Modulation Mode: FMCW
  • Operating Voltage: DC 5V-12V
  • Average Operating Current: 80mA
  • Detection Distance: 0.75m-6m (Measured blind zone distance: 30cm)
  • Detection Angle: ±60°
  • Interface: UART & GPIO (3.3V I/O level)
  • Default Baud Rate: 57600
  • Distance Resolution: 0.75m
  • Sweep Bandwidth: 250MHz
  • Ambient Temperature: -40 to 85℃
  • Dimension: 7mm×35mm / 0.28×1.38"
  • Connector: SH 1.27mm to DuPont 2.54




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