DC-DC Buck-Boost Converter 5A Module (DFRobot)

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The DC-DC Buck-Boost Converter Module (5A) serves as a versatile solution for applications requiring different voltage power supplies. This module seamlessly integrates DC-DC boost and buck functionalities, enabling the input voltage to exceed or fall below the output voltage while maintaining consistent output. Equipped with automatic voltage stabilization and constant current features, this module supports customizable maximum current settings, boasts up to 89% conversion efficiency, and delivers a maximum output of 5A.

DC-DC Buck Boost Converter Module (5A)

Pin Configuration:

  1. Input +
  2. Input -
  3. Constant Current Indicator
  4. Constant Current Regulation
  5. Output +
  6. Output -
  7. Output Indicator
  8. Output Voltage Regulation


To use the module, connect it to the power supply to initiate voltage output. Connect the output terminal to a multimeter for voltage measurement, and adjust the output voltage using the voltage adjustment potentiometer. For constant current adjustment, set the multimeter to the 10A current gear, connect probes to the output, and adjust the constant current potentiometer. The displayed current on the multimeter reflects the constant current value. After these adjustments, connect the module to the load for proper functionality.

Note: When dealing with high power, consider adding heat dissipation if significant heating issues arise.



  • Integrates DC-DC boost and buck functionalities
  • Automatic voltage stabilization
  • Constant current function
  • Up to 89% conversion efficiency
  • Maximum output of 5A



  • Industrial power supply
  • DIY smart power supply
  • Embedded system power supply



  • Input Voltage: DC 6~35V
  • Output Voltage: DC 1.0~33V (Automatic boost-buck board)
  • Constant Current Adjustment Range: 0.05A~5A
  • Conversion Efficiency: 90% (Measured at input 12V and output 19V/2.5A)
  • Maximum Input Current: 7A (Leave margin for long-term continuous work)
  • Maximum Output Current: 5A (Leave margin for long-term continuous work)
  • Module Size: 70x39x32 mm (L x W x H) / 2.76 x 1.54 x 1.26 inch


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