ESP32 DEVKIT 30P Expansion Board -V1

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The ESP32 Expansion Board, also known as ESP32 30P DEVKIT -V1 Power Module Breakout Board ESP32S, is a development tool designed to harness the power of the ESP32-DOWDQ6-V3 dual-core 32bit MCU. This breakout board simplifies the development process, offering a range of power supply options and compatibility with popular programming software.



  • The ESP32 Expansion Board is compatible with the ESP32-DOWDQ6-V3 dual-core 32-bit MCU, ensuring high-performance processing capabilities.
  • Wide Voltage Input (VIN): It supports an external wide voltage input range of 5-12V, making it suitable for a variety of power supply sources, including battery versions with a 5.5V input.
  • Multiple Power Supply Modes: The development board offers three power supply modes, including USB power supply, external 3.3V power supply, and VIN power supply, providing flexibility in different development scenarios.
  • Arduino IDE Compatibility: This board is compatible with popular programming software such as ArduinoIDE, mixly, and mind+, allowing developers to choose the environment that suits their preferences.



  • Development Board Model: ESP32-DevKitC-32
  • Size: Approximately 53.4x68.6mm (2.1x2.7 inches)