Connector Screw Terminal Block KF2EDG 5.08mm-5P M&F

AED 8.00



The KF2EDG-X-5.08mm-5P Right M&F is a connector designed for terminating a single wire and facilitating its connection to a circuit or another system. This type of connector, known as a terminal block, is available in various, it serves the purpose of securely joining wires in semi-permanent applications.



  • Single-Wire Termination: This connector is designed to terminate a single wire, making it suitable for single-pole connections.
  • Versatile Shapes and Sizes: Terminal blocks come in a range of shapes and sizes to accommodate various wire gauges and applications.
  • Semi-Permanent Connections: Terminal blocks are ideal for applications that require semi-permanent connections. These connections may need periodic inspections, wire replacements, repairs, or changes.
  • Solid Insulating Body: All terminal blocks, including the KF2EDG(R)-X-5.08mm-5P, feature a mechanically solid body made of insulating material, typically plastic. This insulating body ensures electrical isolation and safety.
  • Screw-Based Connection: The most common method for making connections with terminal blocks involves the use of screws. Wires are inserted and securely clamped down using a single screw.




  • Model: KF2EDG X-5.08mm-5P Right M&F
  • Wire Termination: Single wire termination
  • Connection Method: Screw-based (single screw)
  • Insulating Material: Plastic or other insulating material
  • Use Cases: Suitable for semi-permanent connections in domestic wiring and industrial environments
  • Wire Gauge Compatibility: Designed to accommodate various wire gauges
  • Connector Type: Available as rows, with each terminal connecting to a single wire