Resistor DIP 11 Ohm Tolerance 1/4W (Per Piece)

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The Resistor DIP 11 Ohm with a 1/4W tolerance per piece is a fundamental electronic component widely used in various electronic circuits. This resistor is designed to provide a precise level of resistance, specifically 11 ohms, and is encapsulated in a Dual In-Line Package (DIP) for ease of integration into circuit boards and breadboard. Resistors are essential for controlling the flow of electrical current within a circuit. The 11-ohm resistance value indicates its ability to limit the current passing through it according to Ohm's law (V=IR), where V is voltage, I is current, and R is resistance. With a tolerance of 1/4W per piece, it can handle power dissipation within this range without compromising its functionality. This type of resistor finds applications in voltage dividers, current limiters, and signal conditioning circuits, among others. Its DIP packaging allows for convenient insertion into through-hole components on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) or for use in prototyping on a breadboard.