Raspberry Pi 4 Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS Module 5V 5A (B-EU) (WaveShare)

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The UPS HAT (B) is an essential accessory designed for Raspberry Pi, providing a reliable 5V uninterruptible power supply (UPS) with multi-battery protection circuits. This versatile HAT ensures the continuous operation of your Raspberry Pi, safeguarding against power interruptions and potential damage.

RPI and Batteries are not included


  • Specifically designed for Raspberry Pi series, including compatibility with Raspberry Pi 3, 3B+, 4B, and more.
  • Utilizes I2C bus communication to monitor real-time battery status, including voltage, current, power, and remaining capacity.
  • Incorporates multiple battery protection circuits, including overcharge/discharge protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and reverse protection. Additionally, it features an equalizing charge function for enhanced safety and stability.
  • Equipped with an onboard 5V regulator capable of providing up to 5A continuous output current, ensuring a reliable power source for your Raspberry Pi.
  • Features a convenient 5V USB output for powering other external devices or boards.
  • Batteries warning indicators facilitate easy verification of correct battery connection.


  • Output Voltage: 5V
  • Charger: 8.4V 2A
  • Control Bus: I2C
  • Supported Batteries: 2 x 18650 Li batteries (NOT included)
  • Dimensions: 56 × 85mm
  • Mounting Hole: 3.0mm


UPS-HAT-B-details-3.jpg UPS-HAT-B-details-7.jpg

  • The 8.4V interface serves as the charging interface, requiring an 8.4V 2A power supply for charging.
  • The 5V OUT is a USB male port providing 5V power output.
  • The OFF/ON silkscreen indicates the power switch.


  1. Before connecting the battery, ensure the power switch is turned OFF to prevent potential short-circuit damage. After installation, verify that the Pogo pins align perfectly with the pin header before powering on. If not conducting, press the pin or remove oxide layers from the header using a knife.
  2. Initially, the board may not function after battery installation; press the Boot button to activate the circuit.
  3. Pay attention to the WARNING LED when connecting the battery for the first time; a lit LED indicates a reverse battery connection, which should be avoided to prevent charging.
  4. It is recommended not to exceed a 4A load for prolonged use, as extended operation at 5A may lead to heating. Adequate heat dissipation should be considered.
  5. Use the provided power supply for charging to avoid potential damage due to unstable output power from other sources.

Safety Cautions:

  • Li-ion and Li-po batteries are potentially hazardous and may cause fire, personal injury, or property damage if mishandled. Proper charging and usage are essential.
  • Avoid reversing the polarities during battery charging or discharging, and refrain from using substandard chargers or charging panels.
  • Do not mix old and new batteries or use batteries from different brands.
  • When purchasing lithium batteries, ensure they are compatible with the expansion board's specifications and source them from reputable manufacturers. Regularly replace batteries that have reached their maximum cycle life or have been in use for over two years.
  • Store lithium batteries carefully, away from flammable or explosive materials and out of reach of children, to prevent safety accidents resulting from improper storage.