Servo Metal Gear 25kg.Cm Serial Magnetic Encoder Programmable 360 Degrees Rotation ST3020 (Waveshare)

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The Servo Metal Gear 25KG cm Serial Magnetic Encoder Programmable 360 Degrees Rotation ST3020 from Waveshare is a remarkable addition to the world of robotics and automation. This servo boasts high torque capabilities and is equipped with a cutting-edge 360° high-precision magnetic encoder, offering unparalleled angle control with a remarkable resolution of up to 0.088°. But that's just the beginning of its impressive features.



  • Wide Voltage Range: It supports a broad voltage input range from 6V to 14V DC, making it compatible with various power sources, including 2S or 3S Lithium batteries.
  • Exceptional Torque: With a remarkable torque output of up to 25kg.cm at 12V, this servo is ready to handle demanding tasks with ease.
  • Multi-Servo Control: You can connect multiple servos in series, with the potential to control up to 253 of them simultaneously, provided you have sufficient power. Each servo offers valuable feedback on parameters like angle, load, voltage, and more.
  • 360° Magnetic Encoder: The inclusion of a 360° magnetic encoder allows for a wider angle control range, ensuring precision in every movement.
  • High Precision: Enjoy precise control with an angle resolution of 360°/4096, ensuring accuracy in your robotics projects.
  • Customizable Middle Position: This servo can be programmatically set to any angle as its middle position, simplifying assembly and customization.
  • Smooth Motion: Acceleration and deceleration functions provide smooth and controlled motion, enhancing the performance of your robotic applications.
  • Compact Design: Its compact structural design not only enhances aesthetics but also offers practicality in various robotic setups.
  • Versatile Working Modes: You have the flexibility to program it into servo mode for angle control or motor mode for continuous rotation, adapting to your specific needs.



  • Input Voltage: 6V-14V DC
  • Mechanical Limited Angle: No Limit
  • Rotating Angle: 360° (servo mode angle control)/motor mode continuous rotation
  • Baudrate: 38400bps~1Mbps (1Mbps by default)
  • Gear: High-precision metal gear
  • Idling Speed: 0.167sec/60°(60RPM)@12V
  • Position Sensor Resolution: 0.088°(360°/4096)
  • ID Range: 0-253
  • Locked Rotor: 25kg.cm(347.79oz.in)@12V
  • Feedback: Position, Load, Speed, Input Voltage, Current, Temperature
  • Load Current: 200mA
  • Locked-rotor Current: 2.7A
  • Dimension: 40.2mm x 20.2mm x 40mm