Servo Metal Gear 2.3kg.Cm Serial Two-Way Feedback Switchable Servo/Motor 300 Rotation SC09 (Waveshare)

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The SC09 Servo is a compact marvel, offering dual-shaft serial bus control within an impressive 300-degree range. This versatile servo goes beyond the ordinary, allowing programmable transitions between continuous rotation motor and stepper motor modes. Equipped with a unique interface, it's possible to daisy-chain up to 253 SC09 servos in a series, each capable of providing real-time data on angle, load, voltage, mode, and more. This makes it a perfect choice for robotic arm projects, hexapod robots, humanoid robots, wheeled robots, or any endeavor where servo angle and load feedback are essential.



  • Chainable Control: Link up to 253 servos in a series (assuming sufficient power supply) and receive individual feedback from each servo.
  • Wide Voltage Range: Accepts input voltages ranging from 4.8V to 8.4V, enhancing flexibility in power options.
  • Robust Torque: Achieve locked-rotor torque of up to 2.3kg.cm @ 6V, ensuring the servo handles demanding tasks with ease.
  • High Precision: Benefit from angle control accuracy of up to 300°/1024, allowing for precise and intricate movements.
  • Programmable Modes: Easily switch between servo mode angle control and motor mode with continuous rotation, offering versatility for various applications.



  • Input Voltage (VIN): 4.8-8.4V
  • Mechanism Limit Angle: Unlimited
  • Rotation Angle: 300° (0~1023)
  • Baud Rate: 38400bps~1Mbps
  • Gear Type: High-precision metal gear
  • No-load Speed: 0.1sec/60° (100RPM) @ 6V
  • Position Sensor Resolution: 0.293° (300°/1024)
  • ID Range: 0-253
  • Feedback Information: Position, Load, Speed, Input Voltage
  • No-load Current: 150mA @ 6V
  • Locked-rotor Current: 1.0A
  • Dimensions: 23.2×12.0×25.5mm