Robot - Smart Mobile Robot Chasse MP Kit (WaveShare)

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The ROBOT-CHASSIS-MP is an exceptional smart mobile robot chassis designed for versatility and robustness. This chassis incorporates Mecanum wheels (M) and features a shock-absorbing structure (P) to enhance its performance. Below, you'll find comprehensive information about its features, specifications, and included components.


  • This chassis adopts a lightweight shock-absorbing structure (P) that improves the accuracy of IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) data.
  • It solves the problem that rigid chassis often faced: difficulty in landing on all four wheels simultaneously.
  • The chassis features an all-metal body, ensuring both simplicity and durability.
  • It includes 1020 Aluminum rails and a middle-sized mounting plate.
  • Lightweight structure design for easy handling.
  • Low complexity for user-friendly operation.
  • Open source for robot models and positioning hole drawings, enabling users to customize and enhance the chassis to suit their specific needs and interests.

Motor Specifications:

  • Voltage range: 6-9V
  • RPM: 190RPM @ 6V
  • Current: 160mA

Package Includes:

  1. Mecanum wheels (L wheel 2PCS, R wheel 2PCS) × 1
  2. Metal chassis kit × 1
  3. Mobile robot mounting plate (middle size) × 1
  4. TT Motor (4PCS) × 1
  5. Black silicone shock-absorbing ball (11PCS) × 1
  6. Mini cross wrench sleeve × 1
  7. Allen wrench × 1
  8. Screwdriver × 1
  9. Screws pack × 1


The ROBOT-CHASSIS-MP offers a versatile and adaptable platform for creating smart mobile robots with Mecanum wheels and a shock-absorbing structure. Its all-metal body and open-source design make it an ideal choice for robotics enthusiasts and developers looking to build customized and high-performance robotic platforms.