DC-DC Boost Power Supply Module 5V/8V/9V/12V (DFRobot)

AED 24.95



The DC-DC Boost Power Supply Module is a solution for efficiently stepping up input voltages ranging from 2.5V~VOUT to various output voltages including 5V, 8V, 9V, and 12V (default). This module boasts an impressive conversion efficiency of over 80%, ensuring optimal power transformation for your devices. Its compact size and user-friendly features make it a seamless fit for a wide range of applications, from battery boosting and power supply modifications to car driving and LED lighting.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x DC-DC Boost Power Supply Modules



  1. Compact Design: Despite its powerful capabilities, the module maintains a compact form factor, allowing for easy integration into various devices.
  2. On-board Power Indicator: A built-in power indicator provides clear visual feedback about the module's operational status, enhancing user convenience.
  3. Voltage Output Selection: The front side of the module features two pads labeled A and B. Users can conveniently adjust the voltage output by soldering connections on these pads, as specified in the accompanying documentation.




  • Input Voltage: DC 2.5V to VOUT (Input voltage must be lower than the set output voltage)
  • Output Voltage Options: DC 5V, 8V, 9V, 12V (12V is the default setting)
  • Output Current:
    • 5V: 1A (@3.7V input), 0.7A (@5V input)
    • 8V: 0.5A (@3.7V input), 0.6A (@5V input)
    • 9V: 0.45A (@3.7V input), 0.6A (@5V input)
    • 12V: 0.3A (@3.7V input), 0.5A (@5V input)
  • Conversion Efficiency: ≥80%



  • Battery Boost: Enhance the power output of batteries for various applications.
  • Power Supply Modification: Customize power supplies to meet specific voltage requirements.
  • Car Driving: Power electronic devices and accessories in your vehicle.
  • LED Lighting: Drive LED components efficiently for illumination or displays.


Note: This module lacks reverse connection protection, necessitating proper polarity connection to the power supply. Ensure that the input voltage remains lower than the set output voltage to prevent damage.