Light UV Ultraviolet Ray Detection Sensor CJMCU-GUVA-S12SD

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Sunlight UV intensity sensor is suitable for UV index detection of smart wearable devices, such as watches with UV index detection function, smartphones with UV index detection, outdoor UV index detection equipment, etc. It can also be used for ultraviolet to monitor ultraviolet intensity and UV flame detection This module is compatible with various single-chip control boards, such as Arduino series.



  • Working voltage: 3.3-5V ( DC )
  • Interface: 3PIN interface
  • Input signal: analog signal
  • Spectrum detection range: 240-370nm
  • Active area: 0.076mm2
  • Responsivity: 0.14A/W
  • Dark current : 1nA
  • Photocurrent : 101~125nA UVA lamp , 1mW/cm2
  • Weight: 2.5g
  • Positioning hole size : 3mm in diameter
  • Size: 34*22*7mm