Raspberry Pi 7inch 800x480 Capacitive Touch Display DSI Interface

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Introducing the 7-inch Capacitive Touch Display, tailor-made for the Raspberry Pi, boasting an impressive 800×480 resolution and utilizing the DSI interface. This display brings seamless touch capabilities to your Raspberry Pi projects, offering driver-free support for various operating systems.


Package includes:

  1. 7inch DSI LCD x1
  2. FPC 15PIN 1.0 pitch 50mm (opposite sides) x2
  3. PH2.0 2PIN wire 10cm x1
  4. Screws pack x1



  1. Raspbian Compatibility: Experience smooth touch functionality with 5-point touch support on Raspbian, enhancing your Raspberry Pi's usability.
  2. Expanded OS Support: This versatile display extends its touch capabilities to Ubuntu, Kali, and WIN10 IoT, offering single-point touch with effortless driver-free integration.
  3. Retropie Compatibility: Enjoy a hassle-free setup with Retropie, as this display requires no additional drivers to provide optimal touch functionality.
  4. Wide Pi Compatibility: Designed to cater to various Raspberry Pi models, including Pi 4B, 3B+, 3A+, 3B, 2B, B+, A+, as well as CM3/3+/4*.
  5. Extra Adapter Board for CM3/3+/4:* For seamless integration with CM3/3+/4* models, a separate adapter board is required, ensuring smooth touch operation.

Elevate your Raspberry Pi projects with this exceptional 7-inch Capacitive Touch Display, boasting driver-free support for multiple operating systems and delivering an enhanced interactive experience. Explore its extensive compatibility with different Raspberry Pi models, making it a versatile addition to your electronics toolkit.